Shipping & returns throughout Europe discreet, insured, free of charge

We give all our customers four promises that guarantee a worry-free order.

We ship Europe-wide (incl. Norway, Switzerland and Lichstenstein) 1. always discreet, 2. free of charge and 3. fully insured. Additionally you can try your ring 50 days free of charge and change or return it free of charge

1. Fast shipping 

Express deliveries can be made within a few days only. All rings with short delivery times are marked accordingly.

The exact date of delivery of your engagement ring can be found on the respective product page. By the way: There is no delay in shipping due to engraving. 

2. Discreet shipping

To ensure your proposal remains a surprise, we send our parcels with the sender Alexander Scholl. On the outside of the package you won't find anything about engagement rings.

We will send you the tracking number by email on the day of shipment, so you know when you receive your parcel.

3. Free shipping all over Europe

Within Europe (EU) as well as for Norway, Lichtenstein and Switzerland we take over the costs for the shipping and return for you. This also applies to delivery to islands. 

"What do I do if the ring does not fit? This is no problem either: a free ring size change is also one of our services.

4. Simple, free change of ring size 

If the ring does not fit, you can order a one-time free ring size change for unengraved engagement rings. Engraved rings often have to be newly produced, therefore we charge EUR 35,- for engraved rings.

The change of the ring size is handled simple: Just use our returns portal for the return.   


Bestselling engagement rings 

Our customers have decided: These are the most popular engagement rings.

5 good reasons 

Do you just need a little push to order from us? We can help you with 5 good reasons!

5 good reasons 

We love customers - especially when they are satisfied... For the engagement ring purchase we give you 5 promises.

Solitary Classic

Probably the most famous ring version in the world. Solitary ring with six prong setting.