Engagement rings in silver 925/- with diamond from 149,- €

Modern engagement rings made of silver 925/- have a noble and classic look. Due to its good formability, the inexpensive precious metal silver is ideal for modern jewellery.

In ancient times silver was described as a moon metal that was brought to earth by the gods. Silver is therefore the ideal precious metal for romantic couples to fall in love with.

Due to the more favorable price, many customers decide to go with silver and choose a larger diamond for the engagement ring.  

Engagement rings in silver 925/- with diamond from 149,- €
Engagement ring Classic 4 in silver
Engagement ring Classic 4 silver
from €229

Precise design - simple and timeless. The perfect match for the wedding ring.

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Engagement ring Modern in silver
Engagement ring Modern silver
from €189

The timeless ring band holds the diamonds in a four prong setting.

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Engagement ring Romance in silver
Engagement ring Romance silver
from €539

A ring setting with a unique love-detail, perfectly matching the proposal.

Romance rings

Engagement ring Twist in silver
Engagement ring Twist silver
from €199

The ring band surrounds the diamond like a precious treasure.

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Engagement ring Infinity in silver
Engagement ring Infinity silver
from €199

The classic setting makes the diamond sparkle.


Engagement ring Devotion in silver
Engagement ring Devotion silver
from €239

The extra-elegant Look: Diamond in a filigree setting.

The Devotion ring

Engagement ring Destiny in silver
Engagement ring Destiny silver
from €239

Balanced lines with a modern setting.

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Engagement ring Delight in silver
Engagement ring Delight silver
from €269

Classic design - stylish and trendy at the same time.

Delight rings

Engagement ring Melody in silver
Engagement ring Melody silver
from €239

The ring band of the Melody series harmoniously fits around the centre stone.

The Melody Models

Engagement ring Heaven 6 in silver
Engagement ring Heaven 6 silver
from €269

Absolutely elegant - the Heaven 6 model with intense diamond in a six prong setting.

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Engagement ring Heaven 4 in silver
Engagement ring Heaven 4 silver
from €269

Classic shape with intense radiant diamond in a four prongs: Absolutely elegant!

Rings heaven 4

Verlobungsring Italic in Silber
Engagement ring Italic silver
from €199

Classic and simple with detailed setting.

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Engagement ring Princess in silver
Engagement ring Princess silver
from €559

Modern, clear design with Princess diamond in a clear setting.

Princess Models

Engagement ring Promise in silver
Engagement ring Promise silver
from €179

A simple engagement ring with bright diamond - a timeless classic.

The Promise rings

Engagement ring Eternal in silver
Engagement ring Eternal silver
from €229

Elegant, modern, simple! The Eternal solitaire ring accentuates the round brilliant-cut diamond.

Eternal models