Popular sapphire engagement rings

Discover sapphire rings as an engagement ring - blue gemstone framed by sparkling diamonds. Dreamlike blue shimmering engagement rings for romantic couples. The popular gemstones are available in different cuts. Oval and round cut sapphires perfectly go with engagement rings.

  • The blue colour of sapphires stands for harmony and inner peace
  • Sapphire rings: the most popular gestome alongside diamond rings
  • The most famous blue stone model is worn by Kate Middleton 
Engagement ring Glory Petite in 14K white gold with sapphire 0.08ct and diamonds 0.02ct
Engagement ring Glory Petite

The blue main stone is in the center of the Glory Petite sapphire.

Glory Petite

Engagement ring Jolie in 14K white gold with sapphire 0.25ct and diamonds 0.06ct
Engagement ring Jolie

You will receive our popular engagement ring Jolie with sapphire, emerald or ruby and a wreath of diamonds.

The Jolie Model

Engagement ring Windsor in 14K white gold with sapphire 0.60ct and diamonds 0.12ct
Engagement ring Windsor
from €1,279

The sapphire ring is one of our topsellers and one of our customers favourite engagement ring. Also available with ruby and emerald.

Windsor ring

Engagement ring Glory in 14K white gold with sapphire 1.00ct and diamonds 0.12ct
Engagement ring Glory
from €1,789

Extravagant engagement ring with unique coloured gemstone as a sparkling highlight.

Sapphire ring Glory

Engagement ring Lovely in 14K white gold with sapphire 0.33ct and diamonds 0.40ct
Engagement ring Lovely
from €1,189

Detailed design, with blue sapphire: excitingly different, the engagement ring Lovely.

All Lovely rings

Engagement ring Heart Saphir in 14K white gold with sapphire 0.25ct and diamonds 0.34ct
Engagement ring Heart Saphir
from €1,639

A heart cut sapphire on a bright diamond band - breathtaking!

Heart sapphire rings

 in silver 925/- with sapphire 0.05ct
Engagement ring Classic Colour

A colourful example of timeless elegance and modern style, based on the design of classic models.

Discover Classic Colour