Engagement rings with coloured gemstones

Discover engagement rings with coloured gemstone - hand-crafted, vivacious coloured gemstone rings with the 3 popular coloured gemstones: blue sapphire, green emerald and red ruby.

Coloured gemstones are often said to have a magical effect. The luminous sapphire is said to strengthen loyalty, the shimmering ruby to have a positive and invigorating effect and the sparkling emerald to provide clarity and balance.

Engagement rings with coloured gemstones
Engagement ring Jolie
Engagement ring Jolie
from €659

You will receive our popular engagement ring Jolie with sapphire, emerald or ruby and a wreath of diamonds.

The Jolie Model

Engagement ring Windsor
Engagement ring Windsor
from €1,099

The sapphire ring is one of our topsellers and one of our customers favourite engagement ring. Also available with ruby and emerald.

Windsor ring

Engagement ring Glory Petite Saphir
Engagement ring Glory Petite
from €399

The blue main stone is in the center of the Glory Petite sapphire.

Glory Petite sapphire

Engagement ring Glory Saphir
Engagement ring Glory
from €1,879

Unique engagement ring with deep blue sapphire as a highlight.

Sapphire ring Glory

Engagement ring Lovely
Engagement ring Lovely
from €1,049

Detailed design, with blue sapphire: excitingly different, the engagement ring Lovely.

All Lovely rings