Necklaces, earrings and bracelets - gifts that perfectly match the engagement ring

Surprise your partner with necklaces, earrings or a breathtakingly beautiful bracelet that perfectly matches the engagement ring.

All the jewellery is handcrafted and features the high manufacturing quality you have come to expect from us - Made in Germany.

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Engagement ring Classic 6
Engagement ring Classic 6

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2. Gifts to match your engagement ring

Frequently chosen gifts that perfectly match your engagement ring.
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Think of the entire jewellery set as a unit

How we create the perfect matching gifts

Especially on holidays, the question of matching jewellery combinations always arises for all those who like to dress festively.

We fulfil the wish to wear jewellery together as a set with our pendants, ear studs and creoles that perfectly match the engagement ring.

In an ensemble with the engagement ring, the woman of the world skilfully rounds off the perfect appearance.

Designing the entire jewellery set together right from the start

The perfectly matching combinations are already designed by us as a unit during the design process. In this way, we can guarantee an outstandingly harmonious design language.

So if the fiancée already wears jewellery from our manufacture, we suggest perfectly matching pieces.