Your Diamond Upgrade: The "True Love Grows" Programme

True love grows with time - from now on your diamond can grow with it. With our "True Love Grows" programme, you can "exchange" the diamond in your engagement ring for a new, larger diamond at any time. With the diamond upgrade we offset the gemstone which is currently set in your ring, at the current daily price with your new desired diamond. We put this new diamond into your ring.

This way not only does your love grow, but also the diamond that expresses your love

true love grows, the diamond grows

The diamond upgrade on the True Love Grows programme applies to...

  1. Diamonds that have a house certificate issued by our manufactory
  2. Diamonds certified by independent institutes (e.g. GIA) that you have purchased from us.
  3. Diamonds bought from us, which are undamaged.

Questions about the True Love Grows programme? We will be happy to help you by phone on +44 20 380 832 99 or by email at

If you need a new setting due to the larger diamond, we will inform you in advance about the additional costs. You can be sure that there will be no additional costs without your explicit confirmation of the order.

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