Kate Middleton’s engagement ring: A heirloom of Lady Di

Saphir Verlobungsring Kate Middletons Ring zum verwechseln ähnlich
Saphir Verlobungsring Kate Middletons Ring zum verwechseln ähnlich

The ring that Prince William gave to Kate Middleton for their engagement, is the world's most famous sapphire engagement ring. For many girls this ring with blue sapphire and a wreath of sparkling diamonds is the absolute dream engagement ring. Although not every woman can marry a prince, the sapphire ring still makes them feel like a princess.

Lady Di, a sapphire ring and its history in the house Windsor

In 1981, when Prince Charles gave this exact engagement ring to Lady Diana, the selling price was 28,000 pounds. The ring - today Kate Middleton’s engagement ring - was designed by the London jeweller Garrard. From 1843 to 2007 Garrard & Co were the court appointed jeweller at the British Royal House and thus responsible for the Windsor's' crown jewels. After the death of Lady Di, Prince William received the precious ring in memory of his beloved mother.

Princess Kate and her engagement ring: Development and current value

Princess Kate and Prince William got engaged on 20 October 2010 on holiday in Kenya. The Prince surprised his Kate with the sapphire ring that his mother wore for a long time.

The mere fact that Lady Diana owned the ring for many years makes it priceless. The regular selling price for such a magnificent piece of jewellery today would be around 85,000 British pounds.

Kate and William's makes the ring much more valuable. Current estimates suggest that Princess Kate's engagement ring is worth over 300,000 pound today. Of all the famous rings, it is currently the most valuable engagement ring in the world. Jewellery with such a historical meaning will accompany the Windsor's for decades. And who knows, maybe we will hear of the ring again... When the next generation of the Windsor's gets engaged.

Kate Middleton's engagement ring: What does it look like?

Kate Middleton's engagement ring is a magnificent sapphire ring with a wreath of diamonds. The ring band and the setting is made of 18 carat white gold. The main stone, a deep blue sapphire, is framed by 14 bright diamonds. The fiery sparkle of the diamonds gives the sapphire an incredible brilliance.

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