Engagement-Checklist: Everything important for your proposal

The engagement checklist
The engagement checklist

Put the Prosecco on ice, pick-up the flowers and...What else did I have to do? While planning a proposal many questions and thoughts arise. Of course, every man wants this special moment to be perfect and the day to be remembered forever and of course not forget anything.

With our proposal-checklist you can ensure you'll think of everything.

The proposal-place

The place for the proposal is the second most important thing, after the engagement ring – the most important point on the check-list for the proposal. Of course, the place for the proposal has to be chosen carefully as it has to match the significant event of the proposal.

It is best to choose a quiet place where you are undisturbed. If the proposal takes place while you're on holiday, it is helpful to get as much information as possible about the desired location beforehand.

If, for example, the proposal is to be made in front of a tourist attraction such as the Eiffel Tower, we recommend that you check in advance for any construction work, closures or events in the surrounding area. This enables you to avoid any unwelcome surprises!

Quick-check: Proposal-place

  1. Ensure that the noise level is low
  2. The location must offer sufficient brightness and privacy
  3. Find out about construction works and planned events in advance

Suitable clothing

Dressing up for this special occasion will make the moment festive. Ensure that you are not too dressed up. You don’t want your partner to become suspicious. However, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and be appropriately dressed.

Our advice is to wear classic, discreet clothes: Wear a jumper, a shirt or a t-shirt, which your partner likes particularly. Do you own anything your partner gave to you as a present or picked out at the shop? In combination with your favourite jeans you have the right outfit.

Quick-check: Proposal-outfit

  1. The outfit should be chic, but
  2. You should not be more dressed up than your partner
  3. and not so chic, that the proposal is obvious straight away

Does the engagement ring fit? How is the engagement ring being carried?

Two things are sure: First of all, it is round and secondly it is compulsory for the proposal! A sparkling engagement ring is the special must for a romantic marriage proposal. As a symbol of the special bond to each other the engagement ring quickly becomes any woman's favourite piece of jewellery.

There aren’t that many uncomfortable moments that are up there with a man wanting to put a ring on his partner and it being too small. Therefore, we recommend: Buy the ring too big rather than too small.

Transporting the engagement ring inconspicuously in a jewellery box to the place where the proposal is to take place is often harder than expected.

It is therefore important to check if the ring can be carried inconspicuously. A suspicious bulge in your trouser or shirt pocket can quickly ruin the romantic surprise.

We therefore recommend you carry the ring secure but without a big case. In addition to the normal ring box we enclose a small, slim velvet bag with the engagement ring for all customers. This allows the ring to be transported inconspicuously.

Before the proposal it's always good to brush-up on your knowledge about the ring. It shows that you chose the engagement ring carefully and you spent a lot of time on the topic. Which alloy is this precious metal made of and why exactly this stone? The story of why you chose exactly this ring is exciting for every woman.

Quick-Check: Engagement ring

  1. Buy the ring too big rather than too small
  2. Ensure you can transport it inconspicuously
  3. Brush up on your knowledge about the engagement ring
The engagement plan checklist
The engagement plan checklist

Perfect timing

Listen to your feelings and wait with for the right moment to propose.

You had a wonderful day and enjoyed a delicious meal and you currently feel very attracted to your partner? The atmosphere is perfect and your partner seems to be happy?

The right moment has arrived! Stay flexible. Even if you originally had different plans.

Quick-Check: Engagement timing

  1. Watch your partners mood
  2. Stay flexible

Find the right words

We recommend all men to think about the words they want to say.

Planning a little speech is an important part of the proposal preparations and should not be missed. It should not be too long – your partner will quickly know what this is about and will be waiting to say yes.

The most beautiful speech is personal, emotional and real. Our advice: Keep your notes in your pocket. This will give you security. Stay yourself: It isn’t about winning a rhetoric prize.

Quick-Check: the proposal speech

  1. Prepare words for the proposal
  2. Keep it short
  3. Personal, emotional and real

Not a great speaker? We have 6 recommendations for the right words for proposing here for you.

Atmosphere and mood

The atmosphere is one of the most important parts of the proposal. Prosecco, champagne or wine before or after the proposal will ensure a great atmosphere. It is a real must to toast on such a beautiful occasion.

A proposal at home offers more flexibility and freedom when planning. Decoration like candles, lights chains, chocolates and rose petals quickly create a romantic atmosphere for a proposal.

But remember: Stay authentic. It doesn’t always have to be long stemmed roses and Belgian chocolates. Maybe you are the sunflower and pie type?

Quick-Check: Proposal atmosphere

  1. Refrigerate champagne
  2. Organize flowers
  3. Romantic and detailed decoration

After the proposal: Celebrating the engagement

In a movie there is a long break after the happy and long expected "Yes, I do!“ It is therefore useful to think about what happens after a proposal.

The planning of course depends on the kind of the proposal. If you get engaged on the beach it makes sense for you to jump into the water together afterwards or enjoy a romantic dinner during the sunset.

It is always a great idea to have a camera for high-quality pictures. You will enjoy looking at the pictures even years later!

Quick-Check: After the proposal

  1. Think of activities after the proposal
  2. Take a good camera with you

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