Engagement and proposal - how do I say it? 6 recommendations for the right words

Proposal – how do I say it? 6 tips for the right words
Proposal – how do I say it? 6 tips for the right words

Dear men, Dear friends, stay calm and breathe deeply, Hollywood shows us how to do it... to perfection!

In hundreds of romantic movies, we are moved to tears as we see the most beautiful marriage proposals, just like women want them to be. All these films have one thing in common: even while nervously stuttering, all men still find the right words in the end.

Are you looking for the right words for your proposal, but don't have an author to help? Then let's have a look. We are sure to find the right words to help your partner say YES!

6 recommendations everyone will find the right words with

1. Think beforehand

This isn't something you do every day, so it's important to start with confidence. We don't recommend you reply on improvisation - no matter how talented at it you are. Good preparation always helps.

Therefore, it is important to think about how you want the proposal to be and to write down what you would like to say to your loved one.

If you check your words a few times before proposing you will ensure that you don't forget anything you want to say. In addition, you will memorise the text and have no trouble remembering it later.

2. Stay authentic

Important note: Your partner loves you – if she doesn't, you can do whatever you want when you propose and she will say no. So, don’t try to act romantic or funny during this special moment in your life.

Stay true to yourself and be authentic. Of course, you are nervous and being nervous is ok - as long as you are yourself.

Your proposal doesn't have to be like a fairy-tale. Make your engagement special by adding some humour (if you have some), make your partner smile – at the end of the day you are celebrating an exciting and happy occasion.

Starting your proposal with sentences like "So that your mum finally stops asking" or "Ok-ok you won!" is not recommended. Only because although you might find it funny, your partner might not.

3. Address personally

A proposal is an intimate moment between you and your partner. Show her, that it is HER proposal!

Avoid movie phrases like "You are the perfect mix of sweet and sexy" or "I love you for the fact that you are cold when it’s 25 degrees outside". You shouldn’t keep the proposal that basic.

4. Make honest compliments

Paying a good compliment, how does it work? Ask yourself, what do I love about my partner, what do I appreciate about her?

You will always win as long as you are real, open and say how you feel. Show your partner how much they mean to you. Your partner is perfect and unique, so let her feel it during this special moment in life.

5. Get to the point!

Of course, saying a few nice words is an important part of it. But make sure your proposal won’t end up in a long speech.

After some beautiful and loving words combined with nice compliments you can pop the question. If you talk too much, your partner might get bored.

She will quickly know what is going on and will be excited to say YES!

6. Be honest about how you feel

Before, during and after the proposal everyone involved is in an emotionally expectational situation. Even the most confident men won’t be as quick-witted during this emotional situation.

Whoever manages to say what he feels and thinks, will have an easier time during this extremely emotional situation.

Tell her that you are nervous and lacking the right words. If you are honest about your feelings you will seem real and authentic.

If the emotional roller-coaster makes you lose track, use the language of love and kiss your partner.

Engagement and proposal - but how? Conclusion

Before we start with the writing of the proposal speech, we will conclude a few things:

We now know that you will be thinking about your emotions a lot and that you have to stay authentic in order to have an intimate base for the speech and the emotional situation of proposing.


During the proposal everything can be said, there is no right or wrong. 

Writing the perfect speech for the proposal
Writing the perfect speech for the proposal

The perfect speech for proposing - but how? 

The speech for proposing is an intimate moment. With the right preparation it will be one of the biggest demonstrations of love.

What do I say during the proposal?

Generally, a man can say anything he wants and whatever he needs to get off his chest. There is no right or wrong for this speech.

Sing the lyrics of an emotional song, which you both enjoy listening to, refer to a romantic poem or a phrase both of you love. Become an author yourself and write your proposal speech using your own creativity.

Are you unsure which direction you should take for your speech? Are you looking for an inspiration for your speech? Let’s get started!

Ask questions – the perfect start for your proposal speech

In order to write a text for your proposal it's helpful to ask yourself a number of questions about the relationship between you and your partner.

For the perfect-romantic proposal speech we recommend you answer these questions. Depending on your taste, you can add something in or leave things out. Let’s get started.

Relationship question Example text for your speech
„How long have we known each other for? How long have we been a couple?“ „We have known each other for many years...“
„How and where did we meet?“ „At the party 3 years ago I wouldn’t have expected to be here with you on my knee today“
„What did I think/feel when i first saw her?“ „When I talked to you at the station, I was so nervous“
„When did I know that I loved her?“ „I forgot everything around me when we kissed for the first time at the concert. I knew that I never want to kiss anyone else.“
„What do I appreciate about her?“ „You are loving and sincere, I can rely on you. You don’t agree with everything, but that is what I love so much about you.“
„Why do I find her so attractive?“ „I am in love with your big green eyes. When I see you smile, I know I am the luckiest guy on earth.“
„How do I feel when I am with her?“ „When I am with you, I feel home. You are my rock. No one knows me like you do.“
„How do I imagine our future?“ „Every time I look at you, I can feel: I want to be with you till the rest of my life.
We will have
· a {house, boat etc.} 
· and {number} kids
· we will live near the {sea, mountains} etc...
And when we are old and looking back I will say: I still love you like I did on day one“



As you can see, for a romantic proposal a man does not need a Hollywood author, as the most beautiful love story is always the story that's personal to you.

Keep searching for more personal questions which will help you phrase your speech. This is how you write your romantic speech for your proposal.

Does your partner have a funny habit that makes her unique and sweet? Which makes her different from everyone else? What social skills does she have? What is the most special experience you had together?

And at the end, don’t forget to ask: "Will you marry me?"

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