The perfect place for the proposal

The perfect place for the proposal
The perfect place for the proposal

The time has come and you are convinced that you want to do it. The newly purchased engagement ring is sparkling in the ring box.

But where should the proposal take place? What is the perfect place to propose?

For those who are still looking for the perfect place to propose, we put together some creative and beautiful places for the proposal, to ensure that your loved one will be speechless.

Marriage proposal in a sunlit clearing - idyllic and picturesque

The smell of the forest ground, sun shining through the leaves of the trees. There is barely anything more relaxing than walking through the forest, past a deep blue lake.

The path leads the couple to a picturesque, sunlit forest clearing where he surprises his partner with a romantic picnic. With a baguette, cheese, grapes and wine, the perfect moment for your proposal has been created.

Our advice: Tell your friends who will help with the organisation. Romantic candlelight in the branches of the surrounding trees will put the finishing touches to the idyllic place for your engagement.

If the summer is dry, simply use battery-powered lanterns or fairy lights.

Castle or palace? Fairy tale vs. stylish proposal

In every woman there is a princess who secretly wants a prince.

Don't worry, taking riding lessons and riding a white horse is absolutely not necessary. There are many other ways to show her that you are her prince.

How about a fairy tale proposal in a picturesque palace or a knightly castle? Choose a romantic castle and start your fairy tale there.

Find out in advance what is permitted on the grounds. As a minimum you'll need to carry out an on-site visit.

Free fall - a spectacular proposal during extreme sports

Not for the faint hearted, but unforgettable nonetheless. A proposal of a different kind during your partner's favourite extreme sport.

When your knees are jelly and the adrenalin is pumping through your veins, most men find it much easier to talk.

Propose after a joint bungee jump or during white water rafting.
A joint tandem parachute jump is the best opportunity to pop the question. As far as we know, no woman has dared to say no during the rapid flight towards the ground...


Reading recommendations for the perfect place for the proposal

Relevant engagement & proposal articles you should read. A must if you plan to get engaged on holiday.

Proposal on the beach
Proposal on the beach

Proposal on the beach: romantic and emotional

Everyone who has witnessed a proposal at the beach before knows: It can’t get any more romantic. A proposal at the beach offers everything which a fairy tale engagement needs.

With your feet in the sand and the sound of the waves in the background the perfect setting for proposing is created.

Finding the right words for a romantic speech is absolutely simple at this breath taking place. Your proposal is perfect as soon as the box with the diamond ring is opened.

Unique engagement at a live-concert 

Where would a romantic film scene be without the perfect music? Expressing feelings through music is one of the most beautiful ways to do so.

Classic violins, an emotional rock ballad or romantic pop song. Each couple has its own favourite sound, a song that connects them, a common favourite band. Use this when you propose.

Anyone who knows how to use the special atmosphere at a live concert and proposes while the right song plays will not be disappointed. The right song for the wedding dance has then also been chosen.


Proposal at a restaurant – classic and traditional

As we all know "The way to a (wo)man's heart is through his/her stomach “. A proposal at a restaurant is timeless, classic and traditional.

Which restaurant you want to choose for the engagement depends on your partner's taste and what you want your proposal to be like.

If you like it elegant and luxurious you should choose a candlelit dinner at a beautiful Michelin star restaurant.

If you want a personal connection with the restaurant and you want to feel home you should choose your favourite Italian around the corner and ask her while you enjoy the delicious tiramisu.

Sometimes men are hardly hungry because of all the excitement. However, order the food as usual. You don’t want your loved one to be suspicious. Sometimes the food helps calm you down a little.


The romantic engagement at home for cosy couples

If you are looking for a cosy and intimate place for your proposal you should spend that moment at home.

Being in a quiet, private setting gives security. After a special day together, the question can be asked in a relaxed and intimate setting.

Flowers, candles or a fireplace will make the situation perfect for proposing.

Important: Your house should be absolutely neat on that day. An untidy corridor or dirty dishes in the sink will encroach on the special moment.

Proposal: Ideas for unique moments

While searching for the most beautiful  proposal places, we put together a few engagement ideas for unique moments which are explain below.

A romantic scavenger hunt for sentimental couples who like to reminisce

A personal scavenger hunt is perfect for romantic couples. Choose a few places that have played an important role in your relationship.

Let your partner visit these places with a few friends or family members. At the last stop, you'll be waiting with the ring.

In the snow or on the beach for adventurous couples who like to be outdoors

A proposal in the snow – maybe while skiing – or on the beach during a spectacular sunset.

Is there a place that you always visit together? Then this is the perfect place to propose. "Pop the question" while skiing, or on the beach. After all, a relationship is about experiencing things together.

For couples who are absolute bookworms

If you're lucky, you can ask your partners favourite author for help. For example, how about a personal signature in her favourite book?

Favourite option: A personal (photo-) book for the proposal. Memories of common experiences with the most beautiful question on the last page.

Proposal in public
Proposal in public

Eiffel tower or theme parks? Proposing in public

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire State building in New York or ice-skating at Somerset House in London. The list of impressive attractions is endlessly long.

For those who want to propose on holiday it's easy to find a suitable place.

A proposal at such a beautiful setting has to be captured with a picture or video. A professional photographer or a talented friend can help to capture this special moment for eternity.

Fun and exciting proposal at a theme park

Between Mickey and Minnie, after an exciting roller-coaster ride or at the highest point of a ferris wheel. Theme parks offer a great opportunity to propose.

Your partner may also be excited about a fairy- tale-like stay in her favourite theme park.

Many parks offer beautifully furnished and authentically decorated hotels with spa-offerings and delicious food to make this day even more special.

Getting engaged at a place with special meaning or in a planetarium

The romantic place at the park where you kissed for the first time. Or the old barn where you used to play when you were kids.

If you have a place with special personal meaning, it is perfect for your proposal.

Reminiscing about the beautiful memories you have in this place creates the perfect setting for the engagement.

Beautiful marriage proposal in a planetarium

Watching the galaxy together will be an unforgettable experience and a unique place for the proposal.

Talk about your proposal plans with the organiser. Some planetariums even offer private or special events which you can get involved with.

Are you brave? Then the organiser might even hand over the microphone to you and you can ask her in front of all the other visitors.

Now you know everything you need to know about great proposal ideas and beautiful places proposing - wonderful! And if you're interested in how not to do it, the best thing to do is to read the following: 10 most common mistakes when proposing.

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