9 famous celebrity engagement rings

Celebrity engagement rings
Celebrity engagement rings

Measuring love in gold? Some celebrities definitely try to proof that that is possible.

Jackie Kennedy’s and Meghan Markle’s engagement rings

Many celebrities and well-known people try to have the most extravagant, most expensive and biggest engagement ring. True to the phrase "Love knows no boundaries"...

From Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Marilyn Monroe, to Liz Taylor or Victoria Beckham and Meghan Markle: We took a closer look at the most sparkling celebrity-engagement rings.

Then we took a look at our collection of engagement rings and found the ones that are most similar to those 9-celebrity engagement rings.


Kate Middelton’s sapphire ring

Kate Middelton’s sapphire ring

It is by far the most famous engagement ring of all celebrity engagement-rings. And – even though it isn’t for sale - it would be one of the most expensive.

An engagement ring with a luxurious deep blue sapphire, which is framed by beautiful diamonds. Millions of women quickly fell in love with Kate Middleton's engagement ring.

The ring used to be owned by Princess Diana. After her death it was passed on to her first-born son Prince William, who gave it to his love Kate, for their engagement.

A romantic gesture to officially welcome Kate into the royal family. No wonder Kate wears the heirloom every day!

3 stones for Meghan Markle

3 stones for Meghan Markle

The British royal family really can't keep their hands-off beautiful diamond rings. Prince Williams brother, Prince Harry also chose something very special for his loved one. He designed his own engagement ring. Three diamonds make the gold engagement ring ultra-sparkling. They symbolise the happy couple's past, present and future.

Two of the diamonds belong to  Prince Harry’s mother, Lady Di's personal collection. Harry purchased the precious middle stone in Botswana, which he calls his second home. A unique and special sign of love for Meghan.

You want an engagement ring with history? Engagement rings with three stones are beautifully eye-catching – and not just on Meghan's hand.

Jackies emerald ring

Jacqueline „Jackie“ Kennedy

John F. Kennedy kept it simple at the proposal. He proposed to his girlfriend Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – called „Jackie“ – over a romantic dinner at a restaurant in Boston.

Two princess-cut stones form the centre of the engagement ring: a green emerald and a bright diamond. Many more diamonds in a marquise-cut frame the two stones like a vine. Probably the most unique celebrity engagement ring of all.

If you've fallen in love with artistic engagement rings, you should take a look at these green emerald-rings.

Elizabeth „Liz“ Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor's engagement ring ranks in the top three of the most sparkling engagement rings. The diamond has a weight of 69 carats, actor colleague Richard Burton won her heart with it.

He purchased this jewel from the German industrial family Krupp. Today the diamond is known as the „Taylor-Burton diamond“.

Out of the seven husbands Liz had, Richard was her favourite. She married him twice. For us this engagement ring says it all.

A solitaire ring like Liz Taylor's is always a good choice. You don’t have to overwhelm your love with 69 carats straight away.

Marilyn Monroe's „best friend“

This engagement ring is nearly as famous as the wearer herself. Marilyn Monroe and Yankee-legend Joe DiMaggio said „yes“ in 1954.

DiMaggio proposed to beautiful Marilyn with an engagement ring that is perfect for a style-icon. 35 single diamonds in a beautiful baguette cut are set around the eternity-ring. Elegant and luxurious.

Unfortunately the Hollywood-star and  baseball-player's marriage only lasted for 9 months, however we are sure it wasn’t due to the engagement ring.

Eva Longoria's ruby ring

Jose Antonio Baston understood: The engagement ring has to be suitable for the wearer. Eva Longorias third husband decided to go with a sparkling gold ring with a red gemstone.

The fiery ruby, which is framed by a wreath of diamonds perfectly matches the actresses temperament.

Since their engagement Eva and Jose look happier than ever with their beautiful ruby engagement ring. And in 2016 they said yes.

2 ct. for Keira Knightley

That was love at the first sight! Actress Keira Knightley and musician James Righton met in 2011. One year later James proposed to Keira Knightley. He did so with a modest ring compared to other Hollywood engagement rings.

The classic solitaire is set with a 2-carat diamond which is worth around €37,000. In 2013 Keira and James secretly got married in France.

With daisies in her hair, flats and a knee-length wedding dress the actress stayed true to her natural and simple look. The wedding car? An old Renault Clio. How cute!

Heidi Klum' top model

Heidi Klum’s unique engagement ring belongs to Hollywood’s most famous engagement rings. The oval yellow diamond has 10 carats.

The top model and her ex-husband Seal got engaged during their skiing holiday in Canada.

The famous couple got divorced in 2014 after nine years of marriage. But as they say: Diamonds are forever.

Victoria Beckham owns 14 rings

Why have just one engagement ring when you can have 14…? Victoria Beckham's collection grows each year. The reason: She likes her engagement ring to match her outfit.

Her personal favourite seems to be a designer ring with a teardrop shaped diamond. A unique model that Victoria enjoys wearing often.

Diamonds seem to bring the couple a lot of luck in love: Footballer David Beckham and Victoria have been happily married for the past 20 years.

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