Solitaire ring Classic Pavé with diamond

The diamond-studded ring band, called Pavé, gives the Classic Pavé solitary ring its luxurious look. The Classic Pavé solitaire ring is one of our most popular models. We offer this engagement ring in three different diamond sizes according to your budget.

Impress your partner with a high-quality and sophisticated ring.

Recommendation: Turn the ring slightly back and forth in bright light, it makes the breathtaking sparkle of the noble Pavé even more visable.

Main stone
Gemstone: diamond
Shape: brilliant
Cut grade: very good
Certificate: manufacturer certificate
Gemstone: diamond
Shape: brilliant
Clarity: small inclusions (SI)
Colour: fine white (G)
Cut grade: very good
Certificate: manufacturer certificate
Quantity of stones: 28
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The packaging

We deliver stylish & discreet

You will receive a discreet shipping box with a neutral sender, in which a white box is placed. Inside you will find a black velvet ring case (without logo) in which your engagement ring will optimally be protected during shipping.

  • Stylishly packaged engagement ring in a black jewelry case
  • High quality box with jewelry case, certificate
  • closed shipping box
  • Shipping box: safely packed for transport
  • package is here package is here



The manufactory

The heart of our success: our manufactory

The heart of the success: our manufactory

We manufacture our engagement rings by hand in the gold town of Pforzheim.

More information about the manufactory.

  • Manufaktur Goldschmied files the ring
  • Manufacture version form
  • Manufactory diamond scales
  • Manufactory jewelry design
  • Manufaktur Edelmetallschmelzen



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Engagement ring Classic Pavé from €939