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Engagement ring Spirit
Engagement ring Spirit

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Wedding bands with engagement ring: a perfect match!

How do we design our "perfect match" models?

For many engagement rings we offer, there are perfectly matching wedding ring models. We develop our jewelry as symbols of important milestones in our customers' lives. Past experiences and future events are incorporated into the design of the jewelry.

At the end of this developing process, jewelry pieces are created that - in shape and color - perfectly match and can be combined harmoniously with each other.

We are aware that for couples the ceremonial act of getting married does not just begin at the altar. Almost all of our clients celebrate a romantic engagement before, to which the future bride is given a engagement ring.

The secret: design the engagement ring together with the wedding band

Engagement rings are in trend. More and more women are wearing engagement rings after the wedding on the same hand in front of the wedding ring.

„Perfect-Match“-Combinations are designed as a unit already in the design process. This allows us to guarantee outstanding comfort on the finger and a harmoniously coordinated design language. This allows us to guarantee outstanding comfort on the finger and a harmoniously balanced design language.

Pavé-Ehering-Kombination mit Verlobungsring

What is the „Perfect-Match“-guarantee?

The special properties of the wedding rings developed in this way are summarized in the "Perfect-Match"-guarantee. We ensure that the profiles match the corresponding engagement ring model precisely.

If the fiancee already wears an engagement ring from our manufacture, we suggest perfectly matching wedding band profiles in the configurator.

It is the same with the precious metal alloys. They match exactly the precious metal color tone of the corresponding engagement ring model. If the engagement ring is made of 18 carat white gold and you select also 18 carat white gold as an alloy for the wedding ring, we make sure that the precious metal colors of both jewels are perfectly matched.

This way, you can easily customize the wedding ring yourself and it will perfectly match the engagement ring.

Welches Edelmetall für Eheringe?

What precious metal for wedding rings?

The choice of the right precious metal for wedding rings is already clear to many women when they look at their engagement ring. If the rings are to be worn together after the wedding ceremony, almost all women want to choose the same metal.

White gold is the clear favorite for most women. Yellow gold, rose gold and silver follow, in some cases well behind. Although few women choose platinum and palladium, men like these extremely hard and durable precious metals for wedding rings all the more.

What alloy for wedding rings?

Name Gold content Commonly used in...
24K 99.9% gold (too soft for juwellery)
23.2K 96.5% gold mainly Thailand
22K 91.6% gold asian countries
21K 87.5% gold Arab countries
20.2K 84% gold France
18K 75% gold western countries
14K 58,5% gold western countries
8K 33.3% gold restricted EU, USA

First of all: Yes, there are online stores that handle this differently. We decided to offer our customers only the two highest quality and most durable gold alloys - 14 carat (585/-) and 18 carat (750/-). Both alloys have a beautiful color, a solid fine gold content and are particularly durable and robust.

333 gold (8 carat) contains only one third of real gold and accordingly, it looks pale. In some countries, 333/- gold may not be sold as real gold jewelry at all.

At the same time, the price difference of around 32% compared to 14-carat gold wedding rings is quite noticeable for a common wedding ring model. In the long term, however, it is almost never worthwhile to go for the less durable cheap gold.

We always like to refer to the fact that a wedding ring is bought to last a lifetime.

On the other hand, it is not possible to make durable and sufficiently stable jewels from fine gold alone. Pure gold or alloys with an extremely high proportion of fine gold (from over 80%) are so soft that they bend even with everyday use. This can have unpleasant consequences, for example if the ring finger is injured by strong mechanical impact.

Was dürfen Eheringe kosten?

Price cannot only be explained rationally

The aspects of time and emotion should not be underestimated when buying wedding rings. Anyone who assumes that an alliance with a lifelong duration will be formed at the altar can hardly opt for inferior quality and low durability.

On the contrary, these jewels are meant to last a lifetime, they are a highly emotionally charged piece of jewelry from the day of the wedding. Anyone who has ever experienced a person who thinks he has lost his good piece, understands exactly what is meant here ...

When buying wedding rings, it is worth paying special attention to high-quality materials and, if in doubt, prefer to invest in quality for the sake of durability.

Our precious metal jewelry is made of high quality alloys and is comparatively stable in value. The purchase of precious metal jewelry is therefore difficult to compare with the purchase of normal goods and their loss of value.

Preis für Eheringe und Kosten für Trauringe

Buying wedding rings as an investment in the future

When money is not so loose, some young couples save up for their dream rings. They see the wedding ring purchase as an investment in the future. A future in which demands normally tend to rise and so does disposable income.
In that case, a cheap wedding band may be out of line, but not easily exchanged for an appropriate, higher quality upgrade for emotional reasons.

So if you want to take emotion and time factors into account, reach for more exquisite gold wedding rings at pair prices that range from 1,000 to 1,500 euros. If all this is not important to you, you can also go as far as our lower wedding ring price limit of 500 euros per pair if you have a very slim ring band.

Overview wedding ring cost per pair for various materials

Wedding ring material Cheapest online price*
Silver 925/- (sterling silver) 80 €
Stainless steel 120 €
Titanium 150 €
Carbon 220 €
Ceramic 210 €
Wolfram 180 €
Gold 333/- (8 carat) 300 €
Gold 585/- (14 carat) 510 €
Gold 750/- (18 carat) 620 €
Platinum 600/- 600 €
Platinum 950/- 1,000 €
Palladium 500/- 700 €
Palladium 950/- 1,100 €
Tantalum 900/- 650 €

*As of July 2021; prices rounded.

Buy wedding rings in gold online

By far the most common wedding rings brides and grooms buy are in gold. The soft hue smoothes the skin. No other precious metal is so closely associated with the theme of marriage as yellow gold in wedding rings.

Why wedding rings in gold?

Gold has been the classic sign of eternal love for thousands of years. To this day, people around the world fall for the charm of the shimmering yellow precious metal.

Wedding rings in white gold (not only) to match the engagement ring

More and more couples are choosing wedding rings made of white gold. A good reason: women who own an engagement ring made of this bright precious metal want a second matching masterpiece.

Which white gold wedding rings?

White gold is - next to classic gold - the most popular wedding ring precious metal among young couples. If the piece of jewelry is to be worn together on the same hand with the engagement ring, four out of five women opt for the same precious metal as the basis for finding matching rings.

Rose gold wedding rings – a trend!

More and more couples are adorning themselves with rose gold wedding rings. A growing trend for which there are other good reasons besides the fresh hue, which we explain below.

Trend precious metal and beautiful alternative

The addition of copper gives the precious metal alloy, also known as red gold, its noble, delicate color.
Rose gold appears soft and smooth on the skin.

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Exclusive platinum 950/- wedding rings

Exclusive wedding rings made of platinum - true luxury for the most beautiful day in the life of a young couple. The precious metal is currently considered one of the most valuable precious metals for the manufacturing of jewelry.

Why is platinum so popular?

Due to its excellent durability and tarnish resistance, platinum is the ideal precious metal for the production of high-quality jewelry and ensures extraordinary durability.

Palladium 500/- wedding rings

Palladium wedding rings do not tarnish and retain their typical metallic shine. This makes them particularly easy to care for pieces of jewelry, which have a slightly darker and more yellow color than the other whitish-grey precious metals.

Why to choose palladium?

Palladium has a similar color to platinum. Wearing wedding rings made of palladium is described as particularly pleasant, also because palladium is significantly lighter than other precious metals.

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