Engagement ring Emerald Trapez

The Emerald Trapez engagement ring was originally an exclusive design for a good friend of our jewellery house.

The requirements: 1. the two side stones needed to complement the central stone in the golden ratio; 2. the setting needed to have a graceful appearance, despite the imposing diamonds; and 3. the setting of the two trapezium-cut diamonds should not raise the overall height of the setting too much.

The result delighted our customer, the goldsmith, and us - just as it delights everyone who beholds this extraordinary ring. An exclusive engagement ring for a truly special woman.

Main stone
Gemstone: diamond
Shape: emerald
Stone size: 1.20ct
Cut grade: very good
Certificate: GIA
Gemstone: diamond
Stone size: 0.30ct
Clarity: small inclusions (SI)
Colour: fine white (G)
Cut grade: very good
Certificate: manufacturer certificate
Quantity of stones: 2
The packaging

We deliver stylish & discreet

You will receive a discreet shipping box with a neutral sender, in which a white glossy box is placed. Inside you will find a black velvet ring case (without logo) in which your engagement ring will optimally be protected during shipping.

  • Stylishly packaged engagement ring in a black jewelry case
  • High quality box with jewelry case, certificate
  • closed shipping box
  • Shipping box: safely packed for transport



The manufactory

The heart of our success: our manufactory

The heart of the success: our manufactory

We manufacture our engagement rings by hand in the gold town of Pforzheim.

More information about the manufactory.

  • Manufaktur Goldschmied files the ring
  • Manufacture version form
  • Manufactory diamond scales
  • Manufactory jewelry design
  • Manufaktur Edelmetallschmelzen



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